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Side note.  
Don't worry!!  - I may be absent from the blog a while as I am doing a lot of shadow work alongside this I start psychotherapy on Thursday 5th October '17 - just wanted to mention this although I also mention it in the video.

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Monday, 25 September 2017

*WW / MM. Cascarilla Powder - All about it..

(Pronounced: kas-kah-ree-ya)  It is so useful in protection, purification and cleansing rites. Cascarilla also repels negative energy and the vibration of negative energies. - look at it as an essential multi-purpose weapon for your magickal arsenal. 
Food for thought: Vegans might have issues with using this due to animal by-product issues. Note also raw egg safety handling and hazards especially for pregnant women and regarding possible fatal food poisoning.

What is Cascarilla?

Eggshell powder; clean dry eggshells crushed and finely ground with the back of a spoon or with a mortar and pestle until it feels as soft as fine baby powder.  Not to be confused with the West Indian shrub, Croton eluteria aka Cascarilla or Cascarilla bark, of the spurge family, the bitter, aromatic bark often used as a tonic!
Cascarilla Powder’s origin is often mistaken as people think it comes from Hoodoo tradition!!  It actually comes from ATRs (African Traditional Religion) like Santería.  – Hoodoo practitioners work with actual talcum powder and chalk.  That’s not to say you can’t use Cascarilla in Hoodoo practice it’s just not the powders origin.
That said the main and usually the only ingredient is powdered eggshell.  It is an amazing powder with outstanding performance when it comes to protection, purification and cleansing - Cascarilla also repels negative energy and the vibration of negative energies..   Cascarilla can be found in two main forms; powder or chalk. It can, as mentioned, be made easily by crushing egg shells into the desired form (see ‘recipe how to’ further on in this document). 

Alternatively it can be purchased at most Botanica or store that caters to New Age and Magick ritual.  Most commonly found packed into what most people associate as a “ketchup cup”.  When removed from the cup, it maintains its form and can be used as one would use a soft piece of chalk.  Or, if mixed with water, you will find that the soft-chalk dissolves easily.
You can use either or both powder and chalk forms interchangeably in a variety of ways for a variation of workings throughout your practices.

Different uses:

1. Guards against and repels evil, malicious magick, harm, unwelcome beings.
2. In both chalk form and powder add to a bath or bath bomb to create a purification, cleansing, protection bath or to aid in removal of negativity and negative vibrations.
3. In chalk form it can be used to draw sigils, symbols or other markings.
4. In chalk form it can be used to draw a protection circle for magickal ritual or even sprinkled in a circle as powder form.
5. Dusting or drawing a cross on your forehead can protect you from psychic attacks such as from energy vampires if you are a form of medium such as empath, clairvoyant, clairsentient etc..
6. Reports of it being a great aid for meditation, astral projection, performing visualizations and/or other divinations. The powder can be used to dust yourself or the chalk to draw upon your relative body zones.
7. Cascarilla also keeps away non-corporeal beings (spirits, ghosts, demons, etc).  If you feel like your home may be haunted, this would be a good repellent (after a thorough house cleansing!!).  Be warned, if you have spirits around that you like talking to, you may find it more difficult to communicate with them!  Cascarilla does not discriminate between good and evil–it just provides a barrier between the physical and spiritual world.
8. House protection: use as a piece of chalk.  Going around the house clockwise, etch the sign of the cross on either side of the door, above the door and on the threshold.  When doing the windows–do above, below, and both sides of the window.  Do this with all doors and all windows of the home.
9.House protection (perimeter of home). 
Note. There are several other uses for Cascarilla, but these are a few of the main uses.

How to make Cascarilla?

{Anyway you do your magickal makings such as casting circle, invoking spiritual / divine aids, blessings, infusing your energy and intent etc.. before, during and after is down to how you work/practice. YouTuber ‘HighPriestess Kathie’ goes into a lil detail here }
You will need at least 6 eggs and if possible remove the membrane (thin skin like layer often pink on the inside of the shell) here’s an awesome demonstration video by YouTuber ‘Idaline Carthaysius’ on how she does it.
- White Cascarilla - Gather egg shells, wash and lay flat to dry. Grind said eggs in to a fine powder.
- Black Cascarilla – Simply add charcoal to the above method.
Brown Cascarilla - Gather egg shells, wash and lay flat to dry.  Then toast them in the oven on low temperature until they turn brown (be careful when you handle them they are going to be hot) wait till cold and grind said eggs in to a fine powder.
Note. Once the powder is made you may want to leave it out to fully dry out if possible before sealing it in a jar.
- Cascarilla chalk – Take the previously mentioned eggshells powder and mix together 1tsp of flour and 1tsp of very hot water (some people use holy, blessed or other magickal property water or oils) add 1tbsp of the ground egg shell powder and mix it together until it is a thick paste – some people add additional protection herbs but this is not original Cascarilla.  Form in ‘ketchup cups’, balls, ice cube trays, cake cases, trays, moulds.. Then leave to set.
- Cascarilla powder from chalk – use the previous chalk method then crush to have those extra property boosts.


I would like to thank my friend Derrie CINNAWITCH for educating and introducing me to Cascarilla Powder and also for bring it into my life..!  This I can see being of easy but powerful aid for use in my practice!!  Thank you my sister x

·  YouTuber ‘Idaline Carthaysius’ -
·  YouTuber ‘HighPriestess Kathie’ - 

Friday, 22 September 2017

(UK Review 10) Enhancing your Mind, Body, Spirit Magazine Issue 33, 34, 35 & 36 Subscription

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* The full playlist + bonus content -

Hello Autumn (A Poem I wrote when I was 7)

Hello Autumn

I woke up one morning and it wasn't Spring.
None of the birds were out nor did they sing.

We found some conkers under a big tree.
Dad sat and opened them upon his knee.

We tied a knot in a piece of string.
Someones finger got hit and it made them sing.

Imogen.  Age 7

Brightest Autumnal Blessings to all..  September 22nd here in the UK is the start of Autumn which is possibly my favorite season..?  Absolutely looking forward to the changing of the leaves and of course my favorite holiday Samhain aka Halloween!!

Thursday, 21 September 2017

September Workings Under A New Moon.

20th New Moon Wishes
21st Mabon Blessings
22nd Autumn Greetings

Thought I would share some pictures from the workings I did under the new moon including my homemade Autumn greeting, blessing and wishes incense.  - Which I burned on a charcoal disc (on sand) in my firepit skull.  - Thanks to the wonderful Michelle for hosting an in The Shadows Dark Goddess Event I joined in with.  Feeling a definite seasonal and moon change.

I also did some truth working, thank you Derrie for your assistance and help with both your absolute amazing intuitive card reading and also your help and advice with this working resource as well as the internet..  From it I handmade this white silk pouch with bells on.  I also purchased this Lapis Lazuli (truth stone) pendant which I created the bezel and fashioned this Truth Pendulum hoping the tree of life will provide grounding.  - For this working I also purchased some command and control oil.

I also wanted to  give you 3 budget witchy tips for again making none magickal items a part of your practice.

1. Paper.

Years ago, back when I smoked, I found myself in need of paper to write down something to burn.  Rooting through the small bag I had with me I found no tissue, receipts, bus tickets or shopping lists!  No!  But..  I did have some cigarette rolling papers..  easy to write on with most pens and designed to burn.  From that day forth I tend to use these when I want to write something to burn.

2.  Small Candle Holders.

A few months ago I wrote a blog about using birthday candles or wish candles as I call them.  A long trial and error process and I found perfect candle holders.  Miniature brass candle holders tend to work perfectly.   - I have a collection of miniature candle sticks in brass..  I got mine on ebay but I am positive antique places, second hand shops, carboot/yard sale/garage sale etc..  Not too hard to find not too extensive either.  Plus if the candle is too small I wrap it in (tin/aluminium) foil..  Alternative you can stick it in container of soil/sand/ash/salt optional to use the lil plastic things or stick the candles straight in.  (Also lil glass bottles weighted with sand (or spell contents) make for good spell candle holders).


3. Personalised Lighter.

Personalising a lighter isn't hugely expensive - a new age Wiccan phrase I use to use a lot  (which is possibly overused) "Love and Light" basically a blessings or intention to say this act / working / spell / sentiment / wish / ritual / prayer etc has been/is done with pure good intention.  'Light' is often pictured as a pure bright light of protection sometimes envisioned as a flame or a candle flame may be used as a physical symbol or meditation tool etc.  So by blessings this lighter which I only use for magical working / use it has that intention value of Love and Light.

I hope this has been helpful / inspirational and given you some food for thought.
Imogen xo

Friday, 15 September 2017

Personal / Study Updated 15th Sep 2017

At the moment my study is taking me away from 'solid' reports and findings.  It's all more interpretation which I'm not yet 'there' enough to be able to write about..

- Which brings me to my study of 'interpretation'.

- If you read my last blog My Ghostly Experience History! you'll know I'm opening the door to try and vanquish some fears and unveil some ignorance.

- I am also studying body language / reading people as mentioned before.  Starting with tell tail signs of liars.  This is going well currently - more or less just studying at this stage.

- I'm also learning about Elder Futhark runes.

- I'm trying to learn spirit dice but this is now on hold 📍 while I look into more about spirits, spirit world, spirit realm, how to connect, how to know if you made a connection and addressing the fear has stopped me in my tracks before now.   

Currently I do not have the money for books but have a few I am looking into!  And open to suggestions!!  Perhaps check out my Depop @ missimoinsane and purchase from me?

In other news I'm plodding along with ideas for my Pagan Planner part of this blog..  I recently posted up 23 Pagan Planner ideas for things you might want to put into a Pagan Planner..  Also I got the Llewellyns Witches' Datebook 2018 and I did a review plus also mentions of some great books I'm currently working from here >>Blog Video<<

Speaking of Pagan Planner I put together a few Pintrest boards which might interest some..

Aside from this I've been a bit aloof.  Very distracted.  Having a difficult time with a number of different personal issues.  Looking for some answers but feeling I'm just getting more questions.

So for now, I apologise for the lack of content. 

BB Imogen x

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