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C BoS Prompts 5: Sabbats & Wheel of The Year.

Prompt 5. Sunday 17th December 2017 - The 5th prompt will be...  Sabbats & Wheel of The Year.

At the time this was published, Christmas eve is a week away meaning next Sunday I will not be posting a Prompt because 1. I don't know if people will have time to read this one let alone one the night before Christmas.  2. I don't really want too!!  Hehe..  If I find time there is a video I want to get done which will fall well into these posts..  If I find time.  Seasons Greetings, Happy Hanukkah, Divine Saturnalia, Blessed Yule, Merry Christmas etc..

P5A:  Different between Sabbats and Esbats?
Sabbats are eight seasonal marks throughout the year.  Some are fixed dates such as Samhain is on the 31st October every year whereas others move slightly like Yule can fall on 19, 20, 21, 22 or 23rd December.  Sabbats mark the changing of the 4 seasons and also the story of the birth, life and death of God and the changing of the Goddess.
The Goddess goes through a three part  change each year as part of the yearly cycle.  In the Springtime she is said to be the Maiden aspect as she is reborn and revived full of new life, she is said to be fresh, pure and have that young innocent everything is new excitement..  In the Summer the Goddess becomes the Mother aspect (mother-earth) and as such she is now imbued with new developing life,  she is entering and developing in motherhood and she is glowing and giving life to the world..  In the Winter again she changes to become the Crone aspect as she reaches the end of her cycle.  As she has aged now knowing and being wise.  She dies only to be reborn again in the Springtime when she once again becomes the maiden.

In Paganism this triple aspect or triple Goddess is often shown in pictures as 3 separate Goddesses / Women however we actually we see her as just the one and is therefore called ‘the Goddess’.  – This title of ‘The Goddess’ is a none-specified name covering all female deity forms.  While some will call her by a specific name referring to her different aspects that correspond to them or perhaps their working.

Like the Goddess, the God has a yearly cycle and change for him he is born at Yule and grows into a child, young adult, very fertile young adult, adult, and through to being elderly and through to death where he is then reborn again from the Goddess at Yule. 
Again, like the Goddess, we often use the term and name 'the God' which is a none-specified name and as said more specific God names can be given to speak to a specific aspect of The God. 

Esbats are celebrations of the full moon; there are 12 (rarely 13) of these a year.  - I will cover this in the next BoS Prompt which is about the moon!

Physical & Book Activity:
Optional - You might want to write that down, or at least remember it, in your book or at least make a note of it.  The next blog installment will be about the moon so you might want to hold off till then..


P5B:  What are the Sabbats?
As said there are eight.. 

  • Yule (Winter Solstice) December 19, 20, 21, 22, or 23
  • Imbolc (Brigid, Candlemas, Imbolg, or Brigid’s Day) February 1 or 2
  • Ostara (Spring Equinox, Eostar or Oestarra) March 20, 21, 22, or 23
  • Beltane (May Eve, Beltaine, Bealtaine, or May Day) April 30 or May 1
  • Litha (Summer Solstice, or Midsummer) June 20, 21, 22, or 23
  • Lammas (Lughnasad or Lughnasad) August 1
  • Mabon (Fall Equinox or Home Harvest) September 20, 21, 22, or 23
  • Samhain (All Hallow’s Eve, Hallowmas or Halloween): October 31 (some celebrate November 1)

Yule aka Winter Solstice
Since to most Pagans God is represented by the Sun and the Goddess by the Moon. Yule is a very symbolic time as it not only marks the shortest day of the year.  But it is a time that shows the death and rebirth.  Yule is where The Goddess gives birth to a son, The God.  Following this seasonal time The Sun (God) stays up in the sky for a short time although as the seasons continue to change and God (The Sun) stays up longer and longer, just as the sun literally is in the sky longer and longer, this is a symbolism of how he grows into a boy and then a man and then an elderly man and eventually his death throughout the seasons.

Ways in most Pagans celebrate Yule usually has us look upon the death and darkness of winter but with great hope of new life and fertility in the Spring time.  We often celebrate this by lighting candles, and decorating evergreen trees to welcome back the greenness of our lands and to welcome God as he grows giving us those longer days and shorter nights.

Imbolc (Pronounced Im-ulk)
Imbolc is the sabbat that marks the early beginnings of spring time.  

The longer days and new growth the Goddess is recovering after giving birth to the God.  It is also the sabbat that brings us warmth from the Suns new fertility as he has matured, causing the seeds of life to germinate and sprout.

Imbolc is a celebration of surviving the dark freezing death of winter, and beaming with new life, longer days, new beginnings, growth, and new light.  It is a time when most Pagans literally clean their living spaces and is most powerful to cleansing, cleaning and concentrating workings.

Ostara aka Spring Equinox
(Equinox meaning day and night are the same length.)  The Spring Equinox is the festival that marks the first true day of Spring time. 

It is this part of the year that God has reached his maturity and entering into young adulthood where he is most fertile.

We celebrate Ostara as the light that has taken over the darkness.  It is considered by Pagans and Witches alike to be the best time of year to do workings for future gain.

Beltane aka May Day
Beltane is the Sabbat where the Goddess and God lay together and unite as one. It is also a time for marriage and union.

This is often celebrated with dance, or more specifically the dance of the May Pole – The May Pole is used as a symbol of both the flame of the Sun (God) and also that of the fire of the cauldron (Cauldrons are often a symbol of the womb or goddesses womb).  – And the weaving in and out of the May Pole is a symbol of the the Goddess and God coming together as one.

We also celebrate this Sabbat with a lot of plants.   It’s said to be the best time to do workings of fertility and love.

Litha aka Summer Solstice aka Midsummer
This day marks the longest day of the year and is the sabbat where nature is at its highest peak and absolutely flourishing with life. 

Litha is often celebrated literally from sun rises to the point where the sun sets and this is demonstrated with magic of all kinds - a very powerful day.  Many Pagans celebrate this sabbat around a fire to represent the sun.

Lammas / Lughnasah (Pronounced Loo-na-sad)
Lammas is the marking of the Harvest festifval, it is where the first harvest of the year takes place and we celebrate this as a sign of being thankful to both the God and the Goddess for providing us with such a bountiful crop.

It is the time where God is now reached that elderly adulthood and is slowly fading and is beginning to die, though he live on within the womb of the Goddess don’t forget!!

This sabbat is where we reflect and show how we are thankful and in thought of nature and the world and all that it has given us this year and how each meal is such a gift.  Most Pagans celebrate this sabbat only with food this is often a meal containing and also offering a symbolism of the harvest such as bread as a token of thankfulness and appreciation, it is also to honour.

Mabon aka Autumn Equinox
(Like Spring Equinox, Again the Autumn Equinox is when day and night are the same length)  At this time of the year the Darkness once again takes over our lands and the seasons shy away from the light.

The God gets ready to leave his physical body now until he is reborn, from The Goddess at Yule.

Samhain (Pronounced Sow-Hane)
Samhain is said to be the Pagan / Witches New Year.  It marks the start of winter and of death and darkness.  It is one of the most important times; as it is a time of the year for reflection, not just of ourselves, but to remember those we have lost and pay our respects to them, to our ancestors it is also a time to celebrate what has been accomplished over the year and be thankful for the harvest and all what we have.

We celebrate this Sabbat in may ways which may include setting a dinner place for the dead at your table, visiting the resting places of ancestors past, lighting of candles and more.

As said it is also a time of personal reflection, a lot of shadow workings are done around this time especially entering into the darker months.

Physical Activity:

Optional - There are many different ways in which the Sabbats are celebrated..  Perhaps research them maybe even mock practice them? 

At the time this blog post was released it is the week before Yule..  Also since this is technically the Birth of God it truly would be a good place for you to start your study.

Book Activity:
Journal about each Sabbat.  Like the Elements this could be a page or two pages for each or it could simple be just a list with basic information.  You could make it bright and colourful or have each part represented by its attribute (birth / life / death).  You might want to journal this after your wheel of the year, or before..  Be creative.


P5C:  What is the wheel of the year?
The wheel of the year is best described as a round calendar.  From it's centre point if you rotate it round so each Sabbat is at the top.  Often these 'wheel of the year' calendars show pictures of symbolism relating to that time, it should incorporate the dates (some dates are fixed whereas others move slightly), The name of the holiday and any other information you deem fit.

Here's some examples I pulled off of the internet...

Purchasable Print from Etsy
Image can be found on this website.
Image can be found on this website.

Physical & Book Activity:
Research more about The Wheel of The Year and then purchase/print your own OR even better I challenge you to make your own Wheel of The Year!!  Simply draw a circle and then divide this into 8 segments and use the information I have given you here to create your own.  I would absolutely love to see these.  Feel free to make it and stick it into your BoS or if you're feeling confident draw it straight in.  You could also be extra creative if you attach it with a brad (paper pin) so you can move it round and have an interactive BoS page! 


While I am here I just wanted to give a huge thanks to you all for supporting, reading and/or participating in this!!  Also thank you for all the feedback it's absolutely appreciated to know people are enjoying what I write / it's helpful to them..  Thank you!!

Cauldroneers,  For Group members please feel free to share your ideas, workings, creations, pages, information, well all of it..!  The dedicated day is Friday but I'm sure no one will be upset if you share sooner or later :P  I look forward to sharing the next Book Prompt with you next Sunday.  And for all current prompts I will be listing them here - for later use/referral.

Imogen x

Next week there will be no prompt as it's Christmas but the week ager prompt No.6 - Moon Stuff.

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Personal. Donate to (me) - A Better Life..

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PP. Cheap Moon Phase & Weather Stamps

Do you see what I see? - A full moon phase planner stamp set.. £2.19 inc shipping but OMG I simply just HAD to get this.. Omg... I've been searching for a moon phase stamp set for YEARS the cheapest I could find was £12 + £10 shipping (provably + import fees) from Etsy. So to find this by accident on hehehe day made! Shame it doesn't have a fire symbol or it would do elements too!! (note you need an acrylic block and ink pads with these).

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C BoS Prompts 4: Tree of Life / Grounding / Meditation / Whiteroom / Prayer

Prompt 4. Sunday 10th December 2017 - The 4th prompt will be...  Tree of Life / Grounding / Meditation / Whiteroom / Prayer

Todays read is based on physical activity; which can be as short or long as you make it!!  I, as a disabled person, will also be including some physically disabled alternatives to the physical activities.  I also encourage everyone/you to do more research and find what works best for them/you!!

P4A:  What is The Tree of Life:
The tree of life has both a physical and metaphysical meaning.  The symbol of the tree is rooted in many different religions, cultures and beliefs throughout history.  I thought I would touch on a few of those here..

Credits:  As Above So Below, Four Seasons, Mother Nature, Celtic Knot Tree and Garden of Eden Tree.
As a Witch and/or Pagan it is most likely you will have come across the phrase "as above so below" or at least the symbol of the tree and roots which if turned upside down still reflects the tree and its roots.  The concept of this being "That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above, corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing." - European Alchemist Hermes Trismegistus and the Emerald Tablet.  

Trees can also be a rather a strong visual as most don't see roots which are as strong if not stronger than the leafy branches above but a tree needs both in order to grow and survive. (live).  This symbolism could also have associations with 'out of sight out of mind' but still manifests and grows to become what it is to be.

The tree of life can also be a symbol of the four seasons and their respected associated elements - as the tree shows the 4 different annual stages.  - That said I somewhat do enjoy the element associations given here

Another example is the tree symbolises Mother Earth (is the symbol of) which is not just a symbol of nature but also a connection to ancestors of old, the spirit world and a representation of the journey of spiritual development and growth. 

The Celtic tree, or the Celtic knot Tree of Life, has branches that reach into the sky and roots that dig into the earth and round joining together as a symbol of balance and harmony in all things, particularly when all things are in balance and harmony with nature.

As said trees are a symbol in many religions another example would be in the Bible.  The Bible tells us of the tree in the Garden of Eden.  A tree symbolised as holy divine tree which was shown bearing fruit that was said to give eternal life. This tree, and it's fruit, was/is thought of as sacred.

This is but a few examples of tree of life and tree symbolism.  I encourage you to research other meanings and beliefs. 

Physical Activity:
1.Research other tree meanings, symbolism and beliefs. Optional - types of trees and their magickal properties.

2.Find yourself a tree (any type - preferably a big tree with at least the same circumference as a human adult) and study it. What does it look like? feel? smell? - Hug the tree, take pictures, pastel/graphite rubbings, take a fallen leaf home and dry/flower press it.. - bonus if you opted to do TipToeChick's element days (as mentioned last week) this could be your getting to know Earth Element day!

Book Activity:
Draw and/or write about The Tree of Life and / or tree symbolism and / or any tree research you did.  You may want to add a photo (acid free paper), rubbing, pressed leaf and / or journal about your experience.  - Alternatively you could add this media to your earth element pages from last week!


P4B:  What is Grounding / Grounding Meditation:
Grounding is an essentially an activity that connects you energetically to the earth. It helps us become balanced and centered while we are firmly planted and connected to the earth.  It is a basic meditation practice and often a requirement after spiritual practice / magickal working that consumes our energies.

"Grounding allows you to be more authentically in your body, in the present moment, and receive nourishing energy" - Marilyn O’Malley   I honestly reccomended you read her Article 'How to Ground Yourself and Why' -

Physical Activity:

1.Take a trip outside (or inside) into nature this could be a field, woods, forest, beach or even your back-garden!!  Once you have found a peaceful spot where you won't be disturbed sit down cross legged (if able, if not find yourself a comfortable chair/seat or sit with your legs straight out - whatever is most comfortable for yourself) and as you sit imagine your spine extending downward as if it were forming roots which are now growing down your from your spine, down into the ground much like roots of a tree.  As the roots grow down feel the connection between yourself and the earth growing as though the two are now one.  Feel the connection develop and centre yourself over time which will give heightened experiences to your higher self, people, other beings and things.

Additional disabled note – you do not have to be in nature, a comfortable chair or bed with a creative imagination will suffice although if this exercise seems a little harder indoors perhaps play some nature sounds, light outdoor scented incense and open a window to create the ambiance..  

2.Note this is just one way in which we can ground ourselves - Again I encourage you to study further and see what feels right to you.

Book Activity:
Optional - Journal how to ground yourself; what works best for you.. Thoughts.. Feelings..   


P4C:  What is Meditation:
While many different religions incorporate meditation into their practice meditation itself is not bound to nor is specifically a part of any religion; it is a science, this  means the process of meditation follows a particular order, has definite principles, and produces results that can be verified.

Meditation is a precise technique done to achieve a calm resting of the mind.  This is done to attaining a state of consciousness that is different from the normal state of waking mind.  Meditation is done to reach different levels of ourselves and to experience the center of consciousness within.   This is a calming of the mind and body is often done to help focus / concentration / balance.

There's multiple ways to physically achieve meditation; most often this is done by sitting cross legged upon the floor.  Sometimes sitting is upon a cushion (or a zafu), mat such as a yoga mat, chair or other comfortable surface (as a disabled person I usually sit or lay in bed).  Something the sitting is not always cross legged, something the sitting is replaced by kneeling or lying down. 

(Feel free to skip my personal experience story!) 
My Whiteroom Meditation
In my experience I seriously struggle with meditation.  It often makes me feel physically sick / nauseated, dizzy, very uncomfortable, it can be quite stressful and 9/10 I can't reach the desired goal while meditating in most of the more common ways.  - I don't know if this is because of my physical disabilities, pain etc or illnesses: anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia and what ever else I may have going on!
That said I do seem to achieve my goals with my whiteroom meditation which I have done since I can ever remember - even before my Pagan / Witch days, before I even knew what meditation was and in all honest I didn't even know it was a thing!!  I just thought it was something I do to help me process things before I sleep. 
So let me start by saying it's different for most people.  And for me my whiteroom is just that.
To achieve this I get ready for bed, lay down in bed and clear my mind as best I can. I focus on my whiteroom and the things in it which are certain object in my whiteroom..
  • To the immediate left is a table; sometimes there are things on it and sometimes it is empty and sometimes it's decorated based on the season/holiday..
  • Past the table is a tall cupboard I use to use to store all my memories I wanted to be able to access later.  Good and bad sorted into bins.
  • In front of that cupboard is now a large dead tree - this is now blocking access to the cupboard. - I can't remove the tree.
  • Beyond that is just whiteness.
  • Back at my starting point to the right is just more vast whiteness.
  • Straight ahead from my starting point is more vast whiteness and far in the distance is a large tall oak tree and the silhouette of batman and catwoman.
These are the things always in my white room.  My whiteroom is a place I go to before I sleep I can not wake up from this room I can only leave to go into a literal sleep and then wake from that.  During the time in my whiteroom I am able to achieve varying mediation, I am able to find answers, achieve my higherself and on two occasions something I'm questioning as astral projection.  This room enables me to make decisions, see things more clearly.  Sometimes new things will be in the room and sometimes these things stay until they're dealt with and other times they become a familiar features of my whiteroom.

Physical Activity:
1.Research more about meditation.

2.Practice meditation.

Book Activity:
Optional - Journal about meditation; what works best for you.. Thoughts.. Feelings..   


P4D:  What is Prayer:
Prayer is actually very subjective to the religion and the individual, while I advise you again research prayer..  I just wanted to touch on some food for thought of this here and how this relates to Pagan Practices and/or Witchcraft.  

When we think of prayer I'm sure most of us have some kind of image of hands together, silently asking God for assistance, help, to make something happen, a wish, a blessing..  Surely that act is exactly what we do when we do when we do a spell, working, ritual etc..  It is putting our intentions out there for some higher being to assist.  Be it God, Goddess, Ancestors, Elements, Divine, Our higherself..  Or some other..  You may even, while studying, come across some different practices and styles of prayer which may including tools such as rosary beads.. (a blog on that later in this series!)

Physical Activity:
1.Research more about prayer and similar practices - how does it relate to you?

2.Optional - Practice.

Book Activity:
Optional - Journal about prayer or concepts and workings; what is your thoughts, are there any practices you like and may now apply to your life, works best for you.. Etc


While I am here I just wanted to give a huge thanks to you all for supporting, reading and/or participating in this!! 

Cauldroneers,  For Group members please feel free to share your ideas, workings, creations, pages, information, well all of it..!  The dedicated day is Friday but I'm sure no one will be upset if you share sooner or later :P  I look forward to sharing the next Book Prompt with you next Sunday.  And for all current prompts I will be listing them here - for later use/referral.

Imogen x

Next weeks prompts No.5 - Sabbats & Wheel of The Year.

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C BoS Prompts 3: Pentacle / Pentagram meaning & The Elements.

Prompt 3. Sunday 3rd December 2017 - The 3rd prompt will be... Pentacle  / Pentagram meaning & The 4 Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water.

A much shorter read for you this week but more research and activity for you to do for yourselves..  So this week we are looking at the Elements - This week touched on symbolism and I just wanted to note that I will be doing more on symbolism soon, however some of that crosses over in this section..  In Fact throughout there will be cross over information.  Where possible I'll try and band like subjects together throughout these prompts..  Enjoy..

P3A:  What is a Pentacle / Pentagram:
A pentagram is a five pointed star which has lines that cross each other, also it has one point facing up.  A pentacle is said same star with a closed circle around it - The circle is said to contain and protect what is within.  Each point represents a different element, each line a different attribute and the direction the lines are drawn have opposite meanings..  The best way I can show you this is with the following diagrams.

I Collaged These Images Together From Royalty Free Images on Google.

Image Source found HERE

A Pentagram/Pentacle is one of the most powerful symbols to Pagans, especially Wiccans, but also witches and similar spiritual and magickal folk.  – As a symbol it can be used as a marking or a sign of magick.  It can be used for protection as it consists of all the elements.  It’s a symbol of nature, a symbol of Pagan/Wiccan path, a magickal symbol, it enhances with the power of (a spell, ritual, blessing, working etc) all 5 elements, It can be used as a number 5 and the list goes on..  Please feel free to do some research of your own.

The pentagram can also represent the Microcosmic Man with his arms stretched out.  The pentagram can also represent the 5 points in which Jesus Christ was crucified.  (Hands, Feet and Crown).
Side note/ A Pentagram/Pentacle upside down (inverted) is often what gives us a bad name and associates the good with the bad.  Upside down is actually known as a key symbol of Satanism (Satanic followers) and was actually misused to give witches/pagans a bad representative.  It is said to symbolise that of a goats head or the god Baphomet and known commonly as evil – but that’s not really for here; feel free to look into this if you wish, also feel free to look into the term Occult which means ‘secret society’ and not the same tarnished with the blood dripping paintbrush as Satanists give the upside (inverted) pentagram/pentacle to be.  Much like how the Nazis took a symbol of peace and turned it into the swastika we all know today!

I Collaged These Images Together From Royalty Free Images on Google.

Image Source found HERE

Activity: Writing in your book time - I know it's scary but you're doing so well I promise!!  So here's some ideas for what you might wish to do in your book..  You could dedicate a page to the pentagram / pentacle (or other symbols that mean something to you) and then colour them.  - I know YouTuber Rhomany has a video where she shows you colouring techniques for symbols in her BoS and she colours a pentacle.  If you wish you could then use the information I gave you here (and also do your own research) to write about this.  - This may be especially useful if you forget which way is invoking vs banishing and/or which point is which element..


P3B: The Elements:
Speaking of Elements, if by some freaky coincidence you completely missed what the 4 elements are by now then we might have some issues here!!  But..  Let me refresh you..  Earth, Air, Fire and Water (the fifth being Spirit).  In all honesty I'm unsure what it is I can tell you about these elements..  It's a mixture of 1. The obvious traits, qualities, signs, feel, touch, smell etc..  and 2. Your personal relationship, correspondences and feelings towards / with / of these elements.  - A few years ago I wrote a blog post based on TipToeChicks series on spending time getting to know the elements and what element(s) work best.  We are all born with an Element.  If you did last weeks prompts you may also know that we have a Western Zodiac Sign & and Chinese Zodiac Sign (mine are Sagittarius - Fire and Dragon - Earth,  That said personally I feel the only element I don't really resonate with is Air!)  But I shall list that series here if you wish to check it out..  My Blog Containing TipToeChicks video advice.  Plus a whole bunch more on Elements!


1.  Go do some research on Elements.  Perhaps follow TipToeChick's activity and spend time getting to know each one personally..  Even if you've been on your path for some time it honestly, speaking from experience, is such a fun activity!!  Perhaps even journal about this experience..  Yes in your book!

2.  You might want to include the symbols for each element and/or the directions; The way I remember it is.. Earth is above (North), Fire is below (South), Water and West begin with a W which leaves Air in the East.  (Yes it's right up there with Wax on and Wane off: New to Full, Full to New!)

3.  You might want to dedicate one or two pages of your book per element.  Write, draw, stamp, paint, colour, collage..  Anything that corresponds for you with that particular element.  I know YouTuber Seka's Broom Closet has 2 amazing videos on her channel where she does some stunning art to match the elements she has a page for water with a mermaid, air with a fairy, fire with a dragon and earth with a gnome.  Title and Earth Pages and her Water, Fire and Air Pages 

4.  You can always leave space to come back to this section, add more over time as you work with the elements..  I know some people have used these pages to include physical pieces of that element.  I think that was a YouTuber Molly Roberts prompt.

5.  If you don't wish to dedicate 4 - 10 pages on this subject you could simply have just one simple page.  A Pentacle/Pentagram at the top and a list of element inc their star position, element symbol, element directional position and some very basic information on each.  It could be quite a stunning simple minimalist one page or a big full colour multiple pages with lot of information and images, again it's your book. - This more simpler single page is what I am working on in my book.

Picture stolen from Instagram / Hemlock Grove


Cauldroneers,  For Group members please feel free to share your ideas, workings, creations, pages, information, well all of it..!  The dedicated day is Friday but I'm sure no one will be upset if you share sooner or later :P  I look forward to sharing the next Book Prompt with you next Sunday.  And for all current prompts I will be listing them here - for later use/referral.

Imogen x

Next weeks prompts No.4 - Tree of Life / Grounding Meditation / Whiteroom /Prayer

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WW. Lighting Charcoal Disc Tips!

I shared this on my Instagram @
but I thought I would also share this here...

Few Tools & Tips For Lighting Charcoal Discs.

Tips for using charcoal discs. The ones I use are Sheesha hooka charcoal discs. I hold them with tweezers (mine are bent note), over a flameproof / fire resistant bowl like my cauldron, a dish, this silver leaf.. And above / placed upon salt, sand or a lot of ash (or in my case a mixture). I use regular lighters to light my discs and a pretty herb spoon (search AliExpress for tea spoons these ones are now less than 50p inc shipping!) used to place herbs on the disc once light. More tips would be you don't want hair or clothing anywhere near nor do you want to stand directly above as smoke can go in your eyes (even when you wear glasses) or be inhaled and that's not good.. Hope this helped!


Spoon - AliExpress years ago when they were £2-3 lol.
Lighter - pack of 5 for £1 from Poundland.
Tweezers - Set of 5 craft tweezers £1 from Poundland. (or a bit more on ebay)
Leaf bowl/dish - I found in charity shop for 50p YEARS ago and bought it as an offering dish originally.
Charcoal discs - I get on ebay in bulk.

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🌜UK - Altered Cover of Astro Moon Diary 2018 - Northern Hemisphere.🌛 MM/PP

First of all a quick note, I did purchase Llewellyns Witches' Datebook which is fantastic with the exception of one problem..  It's US time zone not UK.  So I went in search of a UK book that I like and finally decided upon the 'Astro Moon Diary'.  - I did do an "unboxing / review" type thing on my YouTube >> Click To Watch The Video <<

Where to buy?
🌝Their site £15.99 + £2.50 P&P (Also available in punched ring binder and other bindings)
🌝 Their Ebay £15.99 + £2.50 P&P (I GOT IT ON EBAY)

However I didn't like the binding of the Moon Diary.. I did read on their website the reason for the binding change this year (from the regular spiral binding) is based upon lots of people complaining that the binding got damaged in their purses/bags (strange I carry spiral bound books a lot over the last 15 years with no issues ever!)  I did like the contents though and I felt I could possibly alter the binding myself to be how I wanted it...  That said I did mention, on my Instagram, my disliking for how their binding is and to my surprise since I had tagged them (their instagram is in the post they actually commented back and informing me that they will be changing the binding back to the regular spiral bound next year.  - While I'm here it might be worth mentioning they also sell this in a variety of bindings including pre punched for A5 Filofax!! Since then I've pondered about altering the binding and today I did it - Super Easy!!  But I thought I'd throw a blog together for anyone curious!

I took the original book and as you can see the binding inside is a regular spiral bound book..  So all we have to do is move all the pages to the left and once we gain access to the back of the book carefully pull the spiral binding apart. (Feel free to use pliers, my fingers hurt a bit after..) Then carefully remove the cover from the binding!

Follow the guideline of the inside back cover to cut the outside back cover down to size.  Flip this over and then cut the front cover down to size; please be sure to cut the spine off and not the front edge as cutting the front edge will destroy the pocket inside and also the writing on the front.  (we're just removing the spine of the cover.).  

I then decided to use a double sided tape mouse (glue runner) and stick the two parts of the back cover together where the holes are.  - This is optional but I think it looks better.

Using a hole punch (I have a single 7mm hole punch but you could use almost any kind of holepunch you have as long as it allows for the thickness of the cover.  Also please please please be careful to not punch holes where you don't want them!!) take the tray/catcher off and turn the punch upside down so you can see exactly where you're punching.  - I then punched over the top of the holes that were there so I punch through the back piece too.

Here's a picture from later, but I wanted to show you what I meant by
being able to see where the whole you're wanting to punch is.

I then lined up the back cover with our new front cover, making sure it's all lined up nicely.  Then holding the two covers together firmly (or clip them) I drew inside the circles as a guide for where I needed to punch my front cover..  If you have a hole punch that will allow you to insert the front and the back cover thickness and punch then you can do that.  Once I had drawn my guide I then punched over the top of those circles to create the holes in my front cover..

As you can see we now have holes all the way through the front and back covers.  So now it's time to reassemble our book.  Now this is the tricky part; it's not all that tricky but the number of times I've put them on backwards, the wrong way round, upside down...  I'm shocked I did it right the first time.  So you want to have both the outside faces of the cover placed together.  You then want to hook it onto the binding making sure the front cover is touching the first page.  Check to make sure you assembled it correctly.  Then you want to squeeze the spiral binding back together as tight as you can without damaging, distorting or breaking anything.  Then flip the back cover to the back and we're done.

Now as you can see the book acts like any other spiral bound notebook which can fold back on itself..  This is something I enjoy from these kinds of books.  - Optional to continue using that bit or elastic they provided as a book closure!


Imogen xo
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