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BoS Prompts 13: Spirit guides / animals & totem animals & Familiars

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Thank you all for the support.  I've now made a dedicated facebook group so if you go there turn on all notifications you won't miss these blog posts!!  

Prompt 13. Sunday 18th February 2018 - The 13th prompt will be...  
Spirit guides / animals & totem animals & Familiars

Another one completely open to your own interpretation and beliefs.  I'm going to try and cover some basics, study prompts and personal thoughts here but these banded subjects are a whole library of study on their own.  I'm simply banding these subjects together; while different they often get mistaken and confused for each other.


Since these blogs are mostly aimed at a Witchy / Pagan point of view perhaps we will start with ‘The Familiar’ also more commonly known as ‘The Witches Familiar’ and is most stereotypically pictured as a black cat.  First let me say that The Familiar (Cat) doesn’t have to be black, nor does it even have to be a cat!!  So the Familiar is an Animal known as the third type of Animal Spirit (the first being Spirit Animals and the second being Animal Totem Spirits – which we will get to in a moment).  Familiars, like the other two mentioned, are known more commonly from their association with Witchcraft but also with Shamanism.  
One take on The Familiar is that it is said to be a spiritual entity that will communicate via human, animal and spirit realms and often takes the form of an animal which is sent by deity as a mentor / guide when a true shaman and/or witch begins their path (as a shaman and/or witch). – This is not to be confused with Spirit Animals.  Or that we perceive Deity that will appear as an animal to guide ua such as the Goddess 'The Morrigan' who will appear is Raven or Crow form and only after the Witch / Shaman has been initiated may the Deity actually reveal their true self/form.  
The other take is rather similar in that this Familiar does have to choose you and not you choosing it!!  And be able to communicate between realms and take animal form. Often these Familiars will lend themselves throughout ritual or other workings and practices.  They act as a tool, as well as a guide, they will lend their energies and also aid between realm communications.  
– Feel free to look deeper into this and form your own opinions.  For me I have 2 grey cats.. one is a pet and the other a familiar in the later form being that I chose her but he chose me..  And he is like my shadow and always needs to be involved with everything I do magickally.  Even as I write this blog he's curled up on my legs.

- Please note I am not saying that without a familiar you're not a Witch and/or Shaman.

Spirit Guides & Animals.

Spirit Guides & Spirit Animals are deeply associated with Shaman practices.  Spirit Animals and Spirit Guides present themselves when a life lesson is to be learnt although they are not the same thing.  

Spirit Guides can appear in human, animal or other forms of beings.  They’re purpose is to guide you in your choices and your journey through your decisions and actions to help you find your path and keep you heading in the right direction.  

Whereas Spirit Animals each have their own specific values and characteristics, meanings, skills, associations and unique skill sets.  The Spirit Animal will show itself not just to guide you in your life and ultimately on your (spiritual) journey but these Spirit Animals, unlike Spirit Guides, don’t always appear to guide us though as sometimes they are a symbolic and appear to teach a lesson, give a reminder, show us characteristics needed or to challenge you on your (spirit) walk to even do the opposite of guiding to test you!!  Each is to be interpreted as you deem relevant to you at that time but always with a valuable lesson to be learnt.  Spirit Animals can be almost any animal you can think of each has certain abilities, powers and skill sets in order to teach and share the knowledge and wisdom for overcoming the many challenges.  The Spirit Animal’s appearance is a signal that it is now an important time to connect with your true self, your inner self and indeed your life’s purpose.   But how to know what your Spirit Animal is?  Simple..  Pay attention to the repeated appearance of a suspected animal and for any repeated patterns or themes.  For example every time you feel down you see a tiger this could be a connection for you to help you overcome those emotions and progress.  Note there are many ways in which your Spirit Animal(s) may make themselves known to you this could be through images such as photo, video, paintings, sculptures etc of this animal is also accepted forms of appearance not just in dreams or the literal animal in front of you.  Awakening this recognition is the start of accepting this Spirit Animal and learning about the lessons and skills in store.  Though it is also imperative not to push and look for this animal as it’s more what sceptics call 'coincidence'..  Likewise you do not choose your Spirit Animal, it chooses you!!   Do not try to force your Spirit Animal to manifest itself just because you want it to.  True Spirit Animals will appear only at the correct time and place when you are ready. 

– Feel free to look into this more, also look into Spirit Walks.

Totem Animals & Totem Poles.

A Totem Animal however is the Animals Spirit that you call upon (or invoke) to ask it lends its special powers, survival skills and characteristics to you.  There’s a number of more commonly associated Totem Animals like the Wolf, Bear, Eagle, Monkey and Shark but to name a few..  Totem Animals (and Poles) are also Shamanic in their origins but most commonly associated with Native American Tribes (or smaller groups known as Clans).  Though Totem Animals are more commonly associated with these Clans/Tribes but also called upon by the individual.  Totem Animals are often those native to the inhabited Clan/Tribe land.  Totem Animals are also seen as great guardians and protectors and for this reason carvings of these animals faces stacked tall one on top of the other, known as a Totem Pole, is used to ward away unwanted beings, spirits, enemies and are a sign of protection and some may also denote the Tribe/Clan claim to the land.  Each of these Totem Animals has spiritual powers that help each clan to carry out its own special duties and responsibilities within the tribe in accordance with the attributes of that totem.  Often Tribes would be associated as one (or more) type of animal and then each clan within that tribe would have a more specific subspecies.  

Totem Poles, as mentioned the stacked tower of carved animals, are symbols representing Animal Totems handed down through the ancestral generations.  They’re also seen as a form of written demotion since way back when we didn’t have writing or a written language as such so symbolism (imagery) was one of the main ways in which information was passed down throughout the generations.  These carved animal faces in the Totem Pole not only marked the land and of course payed great honour to the Totem Animals but was the only form of story handed down over the generations  of Native Americans thus the Totem Poles were also known as Story Poles and used to convey their legends, stories and events.  Totem Poles may also be messages passed on by those who carve them or the story of the clan amd/or tribe.

– In all honesty there's probably an awful lot more to Totem Animals & Totem Poles / Story Poles but I've only learnt very basics as I don't personally feel like this is something I am connected too.  Unlike the Spirit Animals / Guides and Familiars.


  • Research more on the five topics..
    1. Familiars
    2. Spirit Guides
    3. Spirit Animals
    4. Totem Animals
    5. Totem Poles
  • (Optional) Fun activity write down 5 animals and for each of those write down what you think their top 5 attributes, skills and abilities are.  Then go research those 5 animals and see how accurate you were.  - Make it more fun and go for more obscure animals..

Book Activity..

  • (Optional) Copy down any information from above you think you will find useful.
  • (Optional) Journal about what you think of each of these.
  • (Optional) If you have a familiar why not include a picture or drawing of it and journal about it - perhaps include some examples.
  • (Optional) If you have a Spirit Guide, Spirit Animal, Totem Animal - or more than one perhaps journal about that and/or include pictures.  Perhaps if you're ancestors are Clan/Tribal you might even have a Totem passed down to you.

Interact with me Activity..


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Imogen x

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BoS Prompts 12: Runes, Symbols, Sigils & Cyphers +Alphabet

There's now a dedicated facebook group to support these blog posts @

Thank you all for the support.  I've now made a dedicated facebook group so if you go there turn on all notifications you won't miss these blog posts!!  

Prompt 12. Sunday 11th February 2018 - The 12th prompt will be...  
Runes, Symbols, Sigils & Cyphers +Alphabet

There are many different types and kinds of Runes, Symbols, Sigils, Cyphers and such..  Some use ancient alphabet, alphabet of different languages and cultures, some are symbolism, some are words, some are something all of their own entirely.   - In this blog I’m going to try and give you some food for thought so you can go and learn for yourselves..

Basics by Google Dictionary.

What are Runes?
A letter of an ancient Germanic alphabet, related to the Roman alphabet.
What are Symbols?
1.  a mark or character used as a conventional representation of an object, function, or process, e.g. the letter or letters standing for a chemical element or a character in musical notation.synonyms: sign, character, mark, letter, hieroglyph, ideogram
2. a thing that represents or stands for something else, especially a material object representing something abstract.synonyms: emblem, token, sign, representation, figure, image, type; More
What are Sigils?
an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power.a seal.a sign or symbol.
What are Cyphers?
a secret or disguised way of writing; a code.

Symbols & Sigils.

Symbolism is everything and it's everywhere it's in icons, apps, logos, branding, packaging, signs and so much more.  Symbols are often used in place of words and sentences to quickly give information.  It's like they say "a picture is worth a thousand words" well maybe not a thousand but the warning falling rocks sign is much more easier to read than the text "Warning falling rocks ahead!" don't you think?!!  So like I said it's everywhere and everything..  I touched more on Symbolism in this blog I wrote a while back about two kinds of Sigils.  - Which if you're interested in Sigils I recommend you check out and learn about as said I only wrote about two (more commonly used) kinds.

I wanted to touch based a bit more on symbolism looked at from a Witchy / Pagan aspect and I know I mentioned symbolism when talking about The 3rd prompt...  Pentacle  / Pentagram meaning & The 4 Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water. As we mentioned the Pentacle and Pentagram, also the 4 Elements.  I also touched on symbolism in The 4th prompt...  Tree of Life / Grounding Meditation / Whiteroom /Prayer and also in The 8th prompt...  Zodiac along with a few others..  But here's some other 'Witchy' symbols to learn and study about maybe..  or at least get you started!!

Sadly outside of Tumblr and Pinterest I can't find a source for this image
(please if you know let me know so I may properly credit thank you!)
Image Source =


Cyphers are still very commonly used between people of power, great importance or simply teens..  Yes almost anyone and everyone will at some point have created or used a secret 'code', 'hidden message' or other kind of encryption.  - It's even in our phones, images we use, software..  Cyphers otherwise known as codes or in cryptography a cipher / cypher is an algorithm of data used for performing encryption or decryption.  This is usually follows a pattern or a well designed series of steps that can be followed to unlock / lock..  Track, be a digital thumbprint, reveal or keep secrets and other kinds the coded messages or information. 


What are Elder Futhark Runes?
Elder Futhark runes are a set of 24 (sometimes 25) runic alphabet symbols.  The Elder Futhark (also called Elder Fupark, Older Futhark, Old Futhark or Germanic Futhark) dates back to anywhere from the 2nd to 8th centuries!!  It is known to be the oldest form of the runic alphabet.   The runic alphabet itself was a form of writing used by the Germanic Tribes for Northwest Germanic dialects in the Migration Period (2nd – 8th C).  These runic alphabet symbols / runes would have been carved into bone, wood, stones and various other materials such as clay and metal.  These runes each were said to hold a value and a meaning as well as later being used as part of an alphabet.  These runic alphabet / runes were often inscriptions (and are found upon artefacts still to this day) including weapons, armour, jewellery especially amulets and talismans, tools, other item and of course rune stones/runes themselves.  From the 8th Century these runes were highly associated with a more simplified version (known as Younger Futhark) adapted by the Anglo-Saxons and Frisian in the 8th but for now we're just going to focus on the Elder Futhark but please feel free to study at your leisure!

Runes were used for a great many things (as we will cover in symbolism).  An example:  The symbol of an up pointing arrow is runic alphabet symbol is called teiwaz and was the symbol of the god Tyr.  (And later represented the letter t or T) this runic symbol was engraved into warriors chest, chest armour, right hand and even weaponry before battle to give them the strength and abilities of the god Tyr and not forget what he stood for - for the Norse God Tyr is the ancient god of War and said to have been the bravest as it was he who sacrificed his own right hand to show strength of human sacrifice.  Tyr was once said to be the great leader of the Norse Pantheon, much later to be supplanted by Odin.  (Feel free to look into Norse Pantheon and such).

Other uses for these runes or what they are used for more commonly today we’re still engraving the symbols into jewellery and such but much less common that way back when and it’s more a niche market.  These days’ runes are more commonly used as casting stones.  There are multiple different types made from varying materials too from semi-precious stone, wood, bone, ceramic and so on.  Casting stones can also be used in a variety of ways most common I believe to be (or at lease how I use them) a circle is drawn upon the ground and the stones are drawn from a bag and thrown to the ground while asking your question.  Stones outside are not counted and face down are reversed meanings and the direction the stones are facing, groups of stones together / near each other and such can be read too.  This is just one way of casting and reading stones which people interoperated this in a variety of ways.  They can also be read for their symbolic meaning or alphabetical (similar to how you might use spirit dice to form words!)

Elder Futhark runes are a great traditional source of divination.  If you wish to learn the stones and their meanings YouTuber Tarot Tribe Beyond Worlds has a great set of learning the Rune meanings by making your own flash card prompts and rememberable ways of learning them.  Video 1  /  Video 2Video 3Video 4  /  Video 5 she also has a video on Casting Runes.

As said there's 24 runestones but sometimes a 25th is included in the set which is a blank stone meaning unable to answer, unknown, blank,  nothing, not yet determined etc.

Elder Futhark Runes look as follows:
Image source =
Runes / Runic Alphabet is also used for other things, that can also be combined to create more powerful combination rune or bind rune which I believe there are two types of bind rune but please do some research for yourselves on this subject.

What are Witches Runes?
Moving on from Futhark the other more common to use set of runes will be those known as the Witches Runes.  They don't date back anywhere near to even Younger Futhark but they have a similar purpose.  Now while there's only 13 of these they're not the same as the Witches Alphabet.  13 symbols again carved / engraved into wood, bone, stone etc..  and cast in a same/similar ways and read in similar ways too.  In honesty Witches Runes is something I've learnt a bit about but not practiced.

Witches Runes look as follows:
Image source =

I hope that has given you a small insight to runes, what they are and of course how to learn and use them.  I hope this gives you food for thought and that you go do further research and learn this wonderfun Divination tool.

And for anyone curious while Witches Alphabet is nothing to do with runes but often used in making Sigils so I thought I would show you here..
Image source =


  • Follow up on the paths where I left off.  Read the other blog posts I suggested.  Study more.  Don't just stop at the materials and prompts I gave you here in this blog.  Take it further and learn more.  
  • (Optional) Perhaps even have a go at making your own Sigils, Cyphers, Runes and such forth.

Book Activity..

  • (Optional) Copy down any information from above you think you will find useful.  Even if it's just some basic symbolism, a page or two for for Elder Futhark Runes, Witches Runes or other kinds of Runes. 

Interact with me Activity..


Thank you all for the support.  For anyone wishing to share, ask for help, talk about BoS / their book and relevant content (or for more information, ideas and unmissable blog posts go to new Fb group  Also as previously mentioned you can go on the website version of this blog over on the left there’s a ‘subscribe by email’ so you don’t miss a single post from me.  If you’re on the mobile version scroll right down to the bottom and click ‘view as website’ and that should take you to the website version where you can expand, navigate to the left and subscribe by email :)  I will continue to share this on my Patreon *for free* and also on my Twitter and in various facebook groups..  OR JOIN THE NEW FACEBOOK GROUP!

Imogen x

Next weeks prompts No.13 - Spirit guides / animals & totem animals & Familiars

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BoS Prompts 11: Intuitive, Empath & Clairs.

There's now a dedicated facebook group to support these blog posts @

Thank you all for the support.  I've now made a dedicated facebook group so if you go there turn on all notifications you won't miss these blog posts!!  

Prompt 11. Sunday 4th February 2018 - The 11th prompt will be...  Intuitive, Empath & Clairs.

This week is another open to your interpretation, your beliefs and such forth.  We will be ‘slightly’ delving into the psychic world and touching on some of the basic aspects of what makes a psychic, medium or just intuitive etc.

For most people will say everyone has intuition.  They will tell you that psychic abilities such as 'The Clairs' is a load of old codswallop and that these people are fakes, phonies, swindlers and such - while sometimes that is true and conmen/women like to extort people.  I ask of you to not be ignorant and be open to other peoples beliefs and/or at least the concept of possibility.


So let us start with intuition and what makes us intuitive.  Now this is the one aspect which no one no matter who they are can deny that everyone has this “ability”.  Intuition or being intuitive is a phenomenon that you just can’t explain where you just ‘know’.  It’s that instinct, gut feeling, little voice in the back of your head.  It displays itself in various forms of emotions; such as that ‘I know he is cheating on me, I don’t need proof, I just know!’ to ‘I know she will be mad if I do this’ right on through to ‘I can’t shake something is wrong, but I don’t know what’ and the list of course continues with possibilities of intuition.  There’s also that intuition fear intuition and even anxieties can partly be linked with irrational fear intuition.
There for in magick and similar workings or practices being intuitive is the easiest form of psychic ability as more or less everyone has it.  Most witchy types (and I only say this as these BoS prompts are more focused on a Witchy / Pagan aspect) will find that their intuition is heightened.  This is also affected by ‘the Clairs’ and other similar psychic based forms.  If you’re looking to increase your divination skills and psychic abilities etc..  Starting by looking more into your intuition; how and why would be a fantastic starting point for you in my opinion!

The Clairs

 Speaking of ‘the Clairs’ what on earth are they?  - The Clairs, also known as Clair Senses, are 7 forms of psychic abilities these are based on the six senses being heightened to be able to receive or interact on a higher frequency such wich is often what is used when “communicating with the dead”.  While, to my knowledge, there's no scientific evidence this actually happens countless accounts of unexplainable events of people ‘knowing’ things they just couldn’t possibly know.  Such as complete strangers knowing everything about someones deceased dad now either they’ve really really really done their homework or there’s something else happening.  Some people may need to be in an altered state or an alpha state to be able to interact with these abilities such as meditation or sleeping while others receive information from these abilities without warning while being ‘normal’ or awake and lucid.  The Clairs are also beyond what we can explain or perceive in scientifically explain in our relative time and space.

But let’s look a little more into what each type of Clair is, what it’s called and a little more about it.

Clairvoyance (vision)

Well let’s start with Clairvoyance since this is probably the most heard of aspect.  Being Clairvoyant (having Clairvoyance ability) is to see more than everyone else.  Many Clairvoyant people receive visual information based on past, present and/or future and in a variety of circumstances and ways.  This can be done in a multitude of different ways from a literal higher vibrational frequency to be able to literally see more: into another realm, into the void, into other dimensions, into other states of time, into or beyond the veil etc..  Or it can be the gift of “inner sight” (more common) this is usually what people say is being perceived by “the mind’s eye” to form images or symbols mentally without the aid of physical eyes which is beyond what we can comprehend or explain currently due to our limitations of scientific explanation. 

Clairaudience (audio /hearing)

Clairaudience much like Clairvoyance only instead of visual its audial hearing sense which is the ability to hear on that higher frequency we mentioned.  This can be sound, words or unexplainable extrasensory noise.  It is what’s known as the gift of "inner ear".   There are some people who can literally pick up radio frequency in their heads, but I’m unsure that relates to Clairaudient people..  Clairaudient people can pick up this audio from sources beyond the physical here and now or mental tone which are then perceived without the aid of the physical ear hearing.

Clairsentience (sensation or feeling)

Clairsentients have the ability to perceive information by a "feeling" this is not to be confused with intuition.  Clairsentience is often more like the sense of emotion and can be experienced within the whole body, without any outer stimuli related to the feeling or information. (Also see clairempathy)

Clairscent (smelling)

Clairscent people have the ability to smell a fragrance/odour/smell of a substance when it isn’t around.  This is similar to having a memory and being able to smell a scent such as the way someone smelled, or flowers in a certain field without the scent being present only again this works on a higher frequency vibration to enable Clairscent. These smalls are perceived without the aid of the physical nose.

Clairtangency (touching)

Clairtangency, which is more commonly known as psychometry, is the ability to touch an object or an area and perceive through the palms of one's hands information about the article or its owner or history that was not previously known by the Clairtangent people.   This is similar and has associations with Clairvoyance but is specific in that the person needs to be holding/touching something to form a connection.

Clairgustance (tasting)

Clairgustance is the ability to taste a substance without anything being in or around your mouth.  It is similar to Clairscent but only tasting not smelling.   It is one of the more rarer Clairs but it’s said that people who possess this ability are able to perceive the essence of a substance from the spiritual or ethereal realms through taste.

Clairempathy (emotion)

Clairempathy is being able to connect emotionally or connecting to their energy.  It’s also known has being an Empath or having Empathic abilities (I’ll detail more about this in a moment).  Being an Empath / Clairempathy is being able to psychically tune into other peoples, animals and/or beings emotions and/or emotional experiences. Clairempathy is a type of telepathy to sense or feel within one's self, the attitude, emotion of another person or being. Empaths tune into the vibrations and "feel" the tones of the aura.  As said I will talk more about it further down in this blog.

Clair channel / Channelling

There are also others who have one or more of these abilities or none at all which are able to act as a conduit (sort of a conductor) for other people known as ‘Clair Channelling’ which is a person who allows their body to be used to increase the frequency or as a conductor.  I guess the best way I can make you understand this is similar to when a group of people sit in a circle holding hands and ask that an entity speaks or communicates through one of the group members.   

Clair Channel is a person who allows themselves to be used to bring information or healing energies to others. 


As mentioned Clairempathy (clear emotion) is being able to connect to other peoples, animals, or beings emotions or on an emotional level.  It is more commonly known as being an Empath, having Empathic abilities.  Since this is what I’m afflicted with (oh yes we don’t all see The Clairs as blessings and gifts) I wanted to talk about this more specifically and also how it can affect people, while I don’t (to my knowledge) experience any of the other Clairs on a frequent basis to say I have them.  I have always seen things, things which now I would possibly consider more as 'entities' than Clairvoyance but this is very rare I've had maybe 5 experiences and I'm 29 and sometimes I dream things that then happen or similar happens and I do get deja vu often.  Occasionally I smell things which make me think of past memories but I wouldn't say I'm Clairscent either.

Being an empath can cause you to be affected by other people’s energies and emotions.  Even adoption those moods, emotions and energies ourselves for example:  You’re happy and had a lovely day out and in a reasonably good mood, you come home and you can sense that your parents have been fighting they’re not talking to each other but you can feel the anger, the bitterness, the resentment.  Now by looking at your parents one is watching TV and the other reading a book and to anyone else this would seem like a normal situation but to an Empath you can feel the emotions being pushed upon you and even stat feeling in a foul mood, angry and bitter yourself for no other reason than these are strong emotions taking over your own so you perceive and feel their energies and emotions yourself.  – For me this is one reason why I avoid busy places, or going out (alongside my disabilities, illnesses and anxieties).  This makes Empaths sort of introverts.  Sadly the major downside is a lot of Empaths don't understand and try to block out these feelings and emotions and so turn to escapes such as addictions to try and block out these unwanted emotions such as having addictions to alcohol, drugs or even sex.

I mentioned before we like to be alone, introverts.  But while introvert implies we like to stay indoors we actually just prefer the peace and quiet it is also a connection to nature such as those silent woods or desolate calm beaches.  We have a high love for nature and also for animals.  We love our peace and quiet and go crazy if we don’t get our alone time – This is more present in children who may act out!  But we do love our adventures, freedom and it’s said that Empaths are free spirits. – This can also take its toll on us as we are not good at being bogged down with routine, rules and control as we find it boring and imprisoning.

Similarly to this we can also pick up phantom illnesses such as being around people who have flu we will feel all the symptoms and sickness without having any of the physical symptoms and/or sickness. Also it’s said that most Empaths have some kind of digestive disorders and/or lower back problems which can relate to the Solar Plexus Chakra (as it’s based in the centre of the abdomen and is known to be the Chakra of emotions).  Evidently this can also manifest into physical symptoms causing a weakening of the area, stomach ulcers, IBS and more actual illnesses (Yes your doctor can treat these ailments, but please don’t tell them you’re an Empath so you must have this, this and this wrong with you... For sure he will lock you up and throw away the key.. Ya loony! ;) lol!).  Speaking of health it’s said that Empaths are usually chubbier people as it’s believed that excess weight acts as a barrier to people’s negative emotions it can make it difficult to lose weight even if we’re not overeaters!! 

Empaths have that higher intuition of just knowing stuff without being told but it’s more than that and this can be attuned and worked with.  We even have the ability to be a human lie detector oh yes we know all about dishonesty more so than just that intuition or common sense.  We strive for truth, honesty and justice.  We also have a sever intolerance to narcissism yet we typically attract narcissistic people it’s like we’re a magnet and they’re just drawn to us.  Often we find ourselves in relationships with these people which is unhealthy we feel we want to help them and fix them though often they’re too broken and damaged even though they can’t help it.

It is often said that watching violence, cruelty or tragedy even on TV is unbearable due to the emotions attached to it.  Thankfully this is one of the many Empath traits I’m not afflicted by when it comes to fantasy / TV I’m able to separate the acting and pretence away from realism.  That said I am deeply affected by real violence, cruelty or tragedy etc and even the concept of.  This trait of being an Empath also makes us very aware and weary of others and therefore we tend to mother and protect others more especially those who may be suffering with emotional pains.  Empaths are said to be natural healers and very drawn to holistic therapies and all things metaphysical.  This can often make us a sounding board, shoulder to cry on and that punching bag for people to offload their problems onto you (even strangers).  Unfortunately this again plays on that aspect of adopting other people’s emotions, ailments and such.  Thankfully on the bright side this can make us have more addictive personalities and make us well liked people. 

Empaths are also very open to having their energies sucked from them by Psychic Vampires (99% of which don’t even realise they’re doing it!)  Because of all this heightened energy and emotions it’s often said that Empaths are usually plagued with fatigue, and most have illnesses like (FM) Fibromyalgia (I do) or (ME) Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.  Some of us can even become Psychic Vampires (also known as Energy Vampires) desperately in need to suck energy from others.  Plus oddly Empaths are usually more night creatures anyway!

It’s not all bad I promise, Empaths are said to be very creative types and are often at the forefront of anything creative such as arts and crafts, performing arts like singing, dancing, acting or even written arts such as journalist, bloggers and other writers too.  We’re said to have strong and vivid imaginations.  Plus a lot of this is a positive outlet for those emotions not to mention the healing it can give.  We’re also great daydreamers though sadly we can get bored easily without these creative outlets so mundane tasks, school and work if they’re not beaming with creativity it will take its toll and most of us find it impossible to do things we don’t enjoy.  We also crave knowledge we hate not knowing and so a lot of us love to research, learn and even teach.

Usually Empaths have a slight sense of Clairtangency (touching) and while they can’t associate a second hand object with its former life in the same sense as Clairtangency they tend to avoid second hand items (even cars and houses if they can financially afford to do so!) due to the emotional baggage and energies they carry.  - Though for me (and blog prompt 2) I learnt and use the other 3 C’s of Cleanse, Consecrate and well Charge..  Maybe not so much the ‘charge’ aspect but definitely the cleanse and consecrate as I’m actually a second hand, antique, charity shop / thrift store JUNKIE!!

Empaths are usually Vegetarian or Vegan and/or will only eat free-range as they sense energies in food especially of animals.  – I’m not one of these types.  Sorry.

When I first started looking into Empaths and Clairempathy I was very shocked that about 95% of the Empath traits were things I had and couldn’t explain, my characteristics, my hobbies and interests, my personality, my beliefs and the more I learnt and started adapting myself and learning how to control this the more it works in my favour (usually).  Therefore I suggest to anyone who has or thinks they have one or more of the Clair gifts to harness, embrace, learn and develop.  Don’t fear.  Don’t ignore.  And don’t try to force things you haven’t got.. In my opinion it’s just not going to happen for you.

I’m hoping that this blog gave you a little insight into the psychic world.  Soon I’ll be covering more on Divination and you definitely don’t need to be Psychic or have any of the Clair abilities but it would definitely help!!!!!!

 Side note.  – Note they’re not a common gift and it’s not all that common for people to have multiple Clairs but it’s not unheard of.  Not having any of these gifts doesn't make you any less of a Witch / Pagan etc.  But it does make you a fraudster and a charleton if you claim you have something you don't / can do something you can't.


  • Just like Clairempathy each of the Clairs have a lot more attributes, traits and characteristics research them.
  • (Optional) in your own words on scrap paper, or in the Fb Group, write your thoughts and opinions, associations and your experiences with one or multiple of the Clairs. 
  • (Optional) research some ‘famous’ psychic mediums who (claim to) have one or more of the Clair trates.
  • (Optional) research Psychic/Energy Vampires.

Book Activity..

  • (Optional) Copy down any information from above you think you will find useful.  Ie The Clairs and a basic summary of each.  I know that Clairempathy (because I have it) is Emotional based and that Clairvoyance is seeing and that Clairaudience is hearing and the rest I struggle remember which one is which let alone spell them!!  So like me write them in your book?

Interact with me Activity..


Thank you all for the support.  For anyone wishing to share, ask for help, talk about BoS / their book and relevant content (or for more information, ideas and unmissable blog posts go to new Fb group  Also as previously mentioned you can go on the website version of this blog over on the left there’s a ‘subscribe by email’ so you don’t miss a single post from me.  If you’re on the mobile version scroll right down to the bottom and click ‘view as website’ and that should take you to the website version where you can expand, navigate to the left and subscribe by email :)  I will continue to share this on my Patreon *for free* and also on my Twitter and in various facebook groups..  OR JOIN THE NEW FACEBOOK GROUP!

Imogen x

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BoS Prompts 10: Colours (& Candles)

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I apologise again for my little outbreak the other week, please be assured it wasn't a personal attack more to do with my depression and wanting to make sure I'm not wasting my time here..  Thank you all for the support.  I've now made a dedicated facebook group so if you go there turn on all notifications you won't miss these blog posts!!  Also as previously mentioned you can go on the website version of this blog over on the left there’s a ‘subscribe by email’ so you don’t miss a single post from me.  If you’re on the mobile version scroll right down to the bottom and click ‘view as website’ and that should take you to the website version where you can expand, navigate to the left and subscribe by email :)  I will continue to share this on my Patreon *for free* and also on my Twitter and in various facebook groups..  OR JOIN THE NEW FACEBOOK GROUP!

Prompt 10. Sunday 27th January 2018 - The 10th prompt will be...  Colours & Candles.

Todays blog is going to be another open to your interpretation; while just like herbs and stones etc (as mentioned in last weeks blog post) if you look at enough resources you'll learn specific colours (and/or candles) have specific meanings and uses but again I invite you to make your own mind up what a colour (and/or candle) does for you in your interpretation and use.  It's down to your intuition (which next week we will be looking at: Blog prompt 11 - Intuitive, Empath & Clair's - "What are they?".)


Colours are used everywhere and often have varying meanings and uses depending upon the different cultures, professions, opinions, items and such can all have different, same or similar meanings.  Of course each of these colours you will have your own personal taste for, I'm going to use 3 examples of Purple, Orange and Red.  My personal taste favorite colours are Magenta Pink, Black, Monochrome type themes but I didn't want to be bias in these examples, I also hate the colour yellow.  But I'm sure everyone has a favorite and least favorite colour which will also affect your decisions when choosing colour or reading colour meanings.  The Examples.

In Feng Shui it's often said that purple is said to bring good luck for wealth and prosperity. It has a feeling of royalty, wealth, and high spirituality.  Purple also has connections to rich, noble, deep, quiet and wise meanings. It's advised to avoid purple if wanting to feel more extroverted or connected to the Earth.
Some say that in Home Decor painting a room dark purple is rich, dramatic and sophisticated. It is associated with luxury and creativity.  While light purple like a lavender is associated with calm and relaxation.
Some say that purple candles represent the day Saturday, that violet candles are good for Allergies and Colds while more of an Indigo purple is good for Depression in healing candles.  Purple candles are often used in workings for Spiritual awareness, divination, tranquility and wisdom.  Where as Lavender candles are used for Intuition, Paranormal, Healing, Calming and Peace.
In Feng Shui it's often said that Orange is considered a “social” color, one that is happy, vibrant, and eye-catching.  It's meanings lend itself to being thought of as creative, exuberant, lively, fun-loving, extroverted.  It's advised to avoid orange when creating a space of quiet and reflection.
Some say that in Home Decor painting a room Orange evokes excitement and enthusiasm, energy, positivity, creativity and is an energetic color.  - In ancient cultures, orange was believed to heal the lungs and increase energy levels and rooms were painted this colour to aid healing.
Some say that orange candles represent the day Sunday but it is more commonly associated with Gold or Yellow candles.  Orange is another colour used in healing candles when dealing with Depression.  In workings orange candles are typically used for energy, joy, education, strength attraction, stimulation and increased cognitive behaviour.
In Feng Shui it's often said that Red represents the element of fire because of the colours intensity.  It is also a colour considered to be lucky, creates energy and can also mean hot, bold, daring and high voltage.  It is best advised to avoid red in cases of anxiety, insomnia, or over-activity.
Some say that in Home Decor red raises a room’s energy level it is an intense colour witch adrenaline increase great for excitement, drawing people together and stimulates conversation, it can create hunger and food association and positive bold mindsets.
Some say that red candles represent the day Tuesday.  Red isn't really associated with healing purposes but it does lend itself to positivity.  In workings red or deep red candles are used for passion, energy, love, lust, relationships, sex, vitality and courage.

You may find you agree with some, or all, of these given definitions but as said reading through resource materials - be it books, the internet etc you'll come to see a common and repetitive theme.  That said this blog is looking at a witchy perspective so let's talk more about colour correspondences from that point of view.

Now it is in my opinion that as previously mentioned you'll interpret the objects colour based on your opinion but not all items colour values are the same, this is something I wrote in my working book based on a lot of research and I tend to work from however there are a few I would use for different purposes (but that's not for here!)


Bag Colours (HooDoo) - Good for mojo bags or anything that requires some kind of bag like container.

White - Peace
Red - Victory
Purple - Victory 
Pink - Love
Blue - Protection 
Yellow - Money
Green - Money 
Brown - Jinx
Black - Jinx  

Red - Success, Strength, Romance, Protection
Purple - Wisdom, Mysteries, Grandeur, Justice, Wealth.
Pink - Love, Friendship, Healing
Blue - Peace, Calm, Wisdom, Benevolence
Yellow - Healing, Finding Employment
Green - Prosperity, Abundance, Friendship, Growth, Nature
Brown -  House, Home, Justice, Earth, Permanence, Animal
Black - Absorbs, Dissolves Bad Energy, Protection
Orange - Unknown - Communication, Messages, Travel

Candle Days:

Monday - Silver, Grey or White
Tuesday - Red
Wednesday - Purple
Thursday - Blue
Friday - Green
Saturday - Black or Purple
Sunday - Gold or Yellow

Colours for Healing:

Allergies - Violet
Anxiety - Rose
Colds - Green / Violet
Depression - Orange / Indigo / Rose
Insomnia - Blue
Indigestion - Yellow
Fever - Blue
Headaches - Green / Blue
Diabetes - Yellow

Candle workings colours:

White - Destruction of negative / bad energies, Peace, Truth and purity, divination, exorcism - White can be used in place of any other candle as it is blank.

Purple - Spiritual awareness, Wisdom, Tranquility, Divination, Psychic Energies, Wisdom, Spirit, Third Eye, Breaking habits, Government, Riches.

Lavender - Intuition, Paranormal, Peace, Calming, Healing.

Blue - Meditation, Healing, Health, Forgiveness, Inspiration, Fidelity, Happiness, Opening lines of communication, Tranquility, Patience, Protection, Water, Forgiveness

Green - Money, Fertility, Luck, Abundance, Health, Success, Wealth, Ambition, Tree, Growth, Earth, Plants, Jealousy, Growth

Rose & Pink - Positive self love, Love, Friendship, Harmony, Joy, Romance, Caring, Maturity, Nurturing.

Yellow - Realising and/or Manifesting thoughts, Confidence, Bringing plans to action, Creativity, Intelligence, Mental Clarity, Clairvoyance, Learning, Comfort, Sun, Luxury, Memory, Masculinity, Positive attitude, Air / Wind.

Orange - Joy, Energy, Education, Strength, Attraction, Stimulation, Justice / Justice legal matters, Opportunity.

Red - Passion, Energy, Love, Lust, Relationships, Lust, Sec, Vitality, Courage, Strength, Fire, Action, Power, Independence.

Black - Protection, Absorption and destruction of negative / repels negative, Banishing, Retribution, Pride, Shapeshifting.

Silver - Goddess or Feminine energy, Removes negativity, Psychic, Development, Moon

Gold - God or male energy, Solar energy, Sun, Fortune, Spiritual Attainment

Brown - House, Home blessing, Pets, Animals, Earth, Stability, Locating lost items.

Feather Colours & Meanings:

White - The Crown Chakra, Heaven, Angels, The Celestial Realms, Higher dimensions, Opening up to the white Divine light, Spirituality, Enlightenment, A glimpse or moment of awakening, Purity, Innocence, Virgin, Purification, Cleansing, Hope, Trust, Faith, Protection, Peace, Blessings and Wisdom connected with the Moon. Moon / Goddess.

Red - The Root Chakra, Money, Possessions, Security, Stability, Career, Good fortune, Physical vitality, Energy, Life force, Strength, Courage, Passion, Emotions, Courage.

Blue - The Throat Chakra, Communication, Speaking your truth, Reminds you to listen, Acceptance, Peace and calm, Inspiration, Mental abilities, Knowledge, Connection with spirits, Psychic awareness, Spiritual protection.

Yellow - The Solar Plexus Chakra, Gut intuition & psychic ability, Happiness, Joy, Cheerfulness, Playfulness, Blessings and wisdom, Connected with powerful sun energy, Intelligence, Mental alertness, Staying focused and present, Vision.

Green - The Heart Chakra, Love, Emotions, Relationships, Harmony, Unity, Compassion, Forgiveness, Health, Healing, Vibrant well-being, Nature, Environment, Nature spirits, Plant spirits, Animal spirits, Growth, Fertility, Money, Abundance, Prosperity, Fertile opportunity, Success, Luck.

Orange - The Sacral Chakra, Sex, Intimacy, Physical relationships, Physical love, Attraction, Appetite, Energy, Change, Optimism, Keeping positive, Ambition, Success, Will power, Creativity, New ideas, Independence.

Pink - Unconditional love, Romance, Soulmate, Twinflame, Relationships, Friendship, Physical creation, Feelings, Caring, Compassion, Empathy, Kindness, Gentleness, Harmony, Service, Faithfulness, Honour, Inspiration.

Purple - The Crown Chakra, Universal consciousness, Spiritual connection, Heightened spiritual growth and experiences, Higher thought, Opening up of the psychic senses, Deep spirituality, Transmutation of negative energy.

Brown - Earth, Grounding, Grounded balance between the physical & spiritual worlds, Stability, Endurance, Home, Home life, Friendship, Respect.

Grey - Peace and Neutrality (as it is in the middle of black and white), Find peace within yourself: the neutral aspect represents neutrality in your question - the answer is not black and white but grey, and hence neither yes or no but perhaps in the middle or a combination of both wisdom & the attainment of mastery a nudge that you are on the right track, Authenticity, Flexibility.

Black - Protection, Warning, Repelling of negative energy, Death (as in a closed chapter, end of something), Increased mystical wisdom, A sign that you are undergoing a spiritual initiation & growth, Magic, Spiritual wisdom, Being watched over by Angel or Spiritual Guardian or Ancestor.  - When shiny or iridescent, it can represent high mystical insight standing strong & setting strong boundaries, while remaining aware.

     Feather Colour Combinations:

Black and white mixed feathers can represent protection, or the sense of union.

Black mixed with purple represents a very deep spirituality. - I would take it as a deeply mystical sign.

Black, white, and blue mixed feathers denote change on the horizon.

Brown and black striped pattern (like a pheasant/s feather) - balance between the physical and the spiritual.

Brown and white - happiness, and you will go under the radar from psychic or other  harm.

Feathers with red and green in them or together would denote that you are being assisted financially. I would take it as a very lucky sign.

Grey and white symbolise hope.

Skull Candle Colours

Black - Hex or Negativity
Red - Love, Strength, Passion etc
Green - Money or Wealth etc
White - Pure, Health, Any Colour etc

I am truly hoping that gave you SOME insight into colours, believe me there's so much more out there as you can also look at coloured stones and their meanings and other synopses of words and how multiple workings may require multiple coloured candles or mixed coloured candles.  And then there's other aspects of the magickal realms such as we haven't even covered colour correspondences for Astrological Star Signs (hopefully if you did the Zodiac blog prompt then you will know the zodiac colour correspondences!) or the Fae (Fairies and such) colour correspondences, or other mystical, mythical, legendary beings such as Unicorns, Mermaids, Gnomes, Dragons etc..  That being said I wanted to touch on the main colour and candle correspondences here which as you can see there's a lot of repetition there and one thing I like is when multiple sources draw the same conclusion ie colour meaning for the same colour to me that helps me feel like I am on track when choosing a colour to work with.  Granted sometimes you have to go with intuition for example when a spell calls for a yellow candle to represent self love I'd probably be opting to reach for a pink candle as I feel that would work better but each to their own.


So that's some basics on colour and while I'm here I also wanted to touch on Candles.  Candles come in all shapes and sizes.  Forget colours for a while and let's just focus on the candle.  Now most common I guess would be Tea Lights, Votives, Pillar Candles, Candlesticks, Taper Candles and Birthday candles (or as I like to call them Wish Candles).  That's not to say there's no other candles like Chime, Spell, Dinner, Floating, Even various shaped candles.  But what I want to note here is that while a spell might call for seven 8-10 taper candles in yellow, light blue and green this is not always something that's easy to find, or afford.  (Especially if you have this big orange book Wicca A Year And A Day - which btw I wrote out a full shopping list of all the requirements for the full year!!  You can find it here! I know here in the UK I begrudge paying candle prices and most candles are impossible to find.  So I wrote a blog about substituting those candles for wish candles and I think the readers of this prompt would benefit looking back at that here: Wish Candles - Budget Friendly Alternative! Or of course you could always make your own.  I have three of four different skull moulds for making skull candles, I also have various others like a cat, flowers, hearts.. various silicone fondant and soap molds work great.


  • On a scrap piece of paper write down the following colours "Gold, Silver, Black, White, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink" and then next to each word write 5 words that you associate with that colour.  It can be what you read here or your own associations if they differ.
  • Now write those colours down again and ask a friend or family member to do the above task and see what they feel about those colours!!  Repeat as many times as you like it's a fun exercise.
  • Research more into colour associations from different cultures, practices, professions etc.  

Book Activity..

  • (Optional) Copy down any information from above you think you will find useful.  I obviously find all this useful but in some cases a bit long winded and repetitive.  I'm going to copy down the basics of candle colour, bag colour and feather colour for now into my BoS, although this information is all in my working book.  - You could print it out if it's easier and stick it in, perhaps use a word document and add clipart to pretty it up (ie. Candle, Feather, Bag) you could also draw images into your book or use stickers.

Interact with me Activity..

  • In the Facebook group Book of Shadows / Grimoire Prompts I posted the colour activity mentioned here yesterday feel free to partake and post your results in the comments. 
  • Feel free to add other colour correspondences you think other people might be interested in.  Or if you have other unusual connections to colours (like if you're colour blind) it would be interesting to hear from you!!


For anyone wishing to share, ask for help, talk about BoS / their book and relevant content (or for more information, ideas and unmissable blog posts go to new Fb group

Imogen x

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